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wrapping for delivery

There was a lot of banging, wrapping, yanking, yelling and loading going on Tuesday at the Culver’s location in Reedsburg. Habitat for Humanity folks was “deconstructing” the building that has housed a Culver’s restaurant since 1987. It didn’t matter if something was nailed down, screwed in or looked to be in one piece. The hard-working, fast-deconstructing crew of volunteers soon had it on a pile, ready to be loaded into the Restore’s truck.

“We always begin with a prayer,” Holzman said. “There’s a reason for that. We all want to walk away safely.”

With ladders to the ceiling, multiple saws, hammers pounding or pulling out nails, and large items shuffling out of doors, concern for safety wasn’t misplaced. But these are veterans and managed to stay out of each other’s way.

Awning supports moving on out

More nails

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