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Eberhard Eichner

Furniture builder Eberhard Eichner looks at one of the outdoor Little Free Library boxes he makes from reused building material at the REStore in Bellingham, Friday Nov. 1, 2013. Eichner shows customers how to make furniture out of used building materials.

Q: How well has the concept caught on?

A: Amazingly well! More than 10,000 Little Free libraries have been installed nationwide. There are more than two dozen Little Free libraries in Bellingham. If you go on their website you can click on a map for each city and find out where each Little Free Library is located.

Q: So, essentially, people leave books in small, protected bookshelves to share with their neighbors?

A: That’s right. I absolutely love the idea. I’m an avid reader myself, with eclectic tastes; research books, poetry, mysteries.

Q: What are these little libraries made of?

A: The libraries currently on display and available for purchase utilize former upper kitchen cabinets. A second “outer skin” with a roof is put around the existing shape using reclaimed cedar boards, shakes, shingles or other scrap exterior siding material. They’re like little “houses” for books.

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