Free Player Piano on Portland Reddit (Preddit)

DemocraticBunny is in need of some assistance. If you think you can help them out of a player piano send them a private message by clicking DemocraticBunny in the original post on Reddit – or leave information in the comments section.

P.S. You are going to need a Reddit log in to do this – takes one sec to set up!

Ok, here’s the deal. My parents currently own an old timey vintage player piano – with the foot pedals and everything.  They are getting ready to move from Oregon City to the Vancouver area and desperately need to get this thing out of their house and into a good home! The only problem is, this sucker weighs a ton, and whoever wants it will need to get some buddies to help haul it out. Do any of you fine people want this piano? Or know of someone who would want it? It’s totally 100% free! If they can’t get rid of it in the next 3 weeks, they’re going to have to burn in to get rid of it! Help us PDX, you’re our only hope!

Via Reddit