Reuse, recycle, remodel!

Instead of simply taking a sledgehammer to their old kitchen and heaping the remnants into a landfill, the Walmsleys carefully deconstructed the space in order to reuse the cabinets, the cabinet doors and other features of the kitchen.

“Getting our countertops off was just horrible, but it was definitely worth reusing the cabinets,” Walmsley said. “A few coats of paint and some polyurethane, and it’s in good shape now.”

Rewind the clock Deconstruction is an antidote to remodeling demolition. Instead of throwing away materials like cabinetry and lumber, they are reused or recycled. “Deconstruction is basically construction in reverse,” said Max Rubinstein, deconstruction manager at Build It Green!, New York City. “Basically we’re doing everything that was done originally except we’re doing it in rewind.”

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