Aethelwold Returns To Former Glory – Brevard NC – The Transylvania Times

(Times photo by Jeremiah Reed)

Hall said one of his biggest goals was to do everything he could to restore the historic look and feel of the former hotel. To do that, Hall had to take a step back into the past and spent 10 years acquiring every old photo of the building that he could find.

Once he felt he had enough of a historic blueprint to go on, Hall began the restoration process. Work done on the Aethelwold included replicating the original Mansard roof, fully restoring the original lobby entranceway, rebuilding the stone arches and columns that once graced Main Street, restoring the original 48-inch ceiling tiles and rebuilding the third floor – which was done in 2006.

Hall, who has a background in the architectural salvage business, said some of the lumber on the historic lobby entrance and the corner space archway was re-used after it was discovered during the removal of the second floor roof.

“I always try to use old materials. I salvage materials that can be used for floors, old doors, tin ceilings. I like to incorporate historic items right back into a building to give it the feel of the era it was built,” Hall said.

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