Building Material Reuse Association News, December 2015


DECON ’16 Update

Registration is open for the premier national/international conference on building deconstruction, salvage, and building materials reuse will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina February 29 to March 3,2016.  Industry professionals, policymakers and researchers will gather at the Hilton Doubletree Brownstone hotel in Raleigh for presentations, interactive discussions and networking.  Whether you are new to the issue of building materials reuse or a long-time pioneer in the field, this is a great opportunity to meet colleagues and learn about the state of the art.

The conference program is coming together, accepted speakers are being posted on a rolling basis.

Exciting new classes are being planned for the days just after the main conference.  The first is Added Value: A Hands-on Guide to Setting up your Reclaimed Wood Shop.  Full details available here.


Planning for DECON ’16 includes efforts by working groups on a few topic areas of special interest.  Participation is invited on these working groups, if you have energy and time to commit to the meetings and tasks.

1. The Appraisal Working Group will have its third meeting on Thursday December 17th at 1pm EST/ 12pm CST / 10am PST. Interested parties should contact the head of that group, Tom Napier

2. The Market Survey Working group will have its third meeting on Wednesday January 6th at 1pm EST/ 12 pm CST / 10 am PST, Interested parties should contact Anne Nicklin,

via BMRA News, December 2015.