BMRA News, July 2017

PDX RUST: A Community Reuse Forum Alongside DECON + REUSE ’17 Coming out of the recent passage of the deconstruction ordinance in Portland, Oregon as well as the event of DECON + REUSE ’17 coming to the city, Sara Badiali of Reclamation Administration and Barbara Kerr of United Neighborhoods for Reform felt it was time for the community to celebrate reuse in Portland.

The result of this is PDX RUST, or Portland ReUse for Societal Transformation. The basic premise of PDX Rust is this: A national conference on building materials reuse is coming to town; how can we get the local community involved with this issue and this resource of expertise?  By inviting venues like cafes and stores to host speaking events where 3 speakers talk about their experience and passion for reuse.

According to Sara Badiali, Portland loves a party, so if you create an event and give people a chance to share their passions, people will come.  The speakers can talk about reuse fashion, building materials, hacker/maker stuff — really anything to do with reuse.

This is an opportunity for DECON + REUSE ’17 conference-goers to get connected to the local community by attending, or even speaking at, PDX RUST events.  You can find out more about the events here.  Postings and calendar will be updated regularly, all the way up through the conference.  Check it out!

Source: BMRA News, July 2017