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What is the Reclamation Administration? 

Reclamation Administration.com is a website dedicated to posting news and inspiration about reclaiming building materials for reuse. Based in the Portland, Oregon the Reclamation Administration is committed to capturing and disseminating creative and innovative information from all over the country.

Reclamation Administration.com was created by Sara Badiali in 2011.


Buildings are demolished in entirety.  While almost every other material is subject to recycling, buildings are razed and removed as debris. Construction and demolition debris make up the bulk of landfills. Building deconstruction unlocks desirable materials for reuse. Closed loop systems, Circular Economy, Cradle to Cradle design, Environmental Sustainability, and Community Development are all initiatives that thrive when applied to reclaiming building materials.


Artists, environmentalist, builders, craftsmen, families, reuse organizations and anyone who is interested in keeping reusable or recyclable materials out of the waste stream can contribute. Reclamation Administration.com welcomes news, ideas, projects and volunteers.  If you are interested in contributing information, projects, news, or ideas, please email ReclamationNews@gmail.com.


Worldwide communities are on the forefront of necessary and creative reuse. The RA inspires change and supports these communities by providing news on design, policy, building deconstruction, activism, programs, businesses, and best practices involved in building material reuse.

Why is the Logo a Snake?

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The name originates from within Greek language “he who eats the tail” symbolizing infinity or wholeness. Reclamation Administration’s “Houseoboros” represents the closed loop system of sustainability through building deconstruction for reuse.


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