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Here’s what you should know about the Reclamation Administration:

* we are the only news source completely dedicated to building deconstruction and to building material reuse news

* we span all levels of building material reuse, from reuse design in art and architecture to public policy on waste diversion  

Readership is diverse:

* professionals in construction, deconstruction, urban planning, architecture, reuse organizations both private and nonprofit, artists and crafts people

* our primary readers are interested in building deconstruction, reuse design, reclaimed products and adaptive reuse

Content is updated weekly:

* we like to keep it fresh

* primarily sourcing from national news

* deeply committed to supporting reuse artists and visionaries

The Numbers:

* over 1,500 visits a month

* averaging 50 hits per day

* internationally popular, our visitors represent over 195 countries


This article is a perfect example of the reason King County GreenTools is happy to sponsor the Reclamation Administration. It’s the kind of information we need to have but don’t have the time to find on our own. Let me know when it’s time to renew our sponsorship!

Kinley Deller – C&D Diversion Specialist, King County Solid Waste Division • Recycling and Environmental Services •


The Reclamation Administration is simply the most concentrated and up-to-date source of information in English on all things pertaining to deconstruction and re-use. Unlike many web sites, it is also attractive and easy to use!

Jim Schulman, AIA, BMRA has been a valuable resource for me throughout the City’s efforts to advance deconstruction and building material reuse.  The coverage of issues in the salvage industry are always timely and are easy to share with stakeholders.

Shawn P. Wood | Construction Waste Specialist City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability


Reclamation Administration is a valuable resource for anyone working in or simply interested in salvage and reuse. I follow it for information and inspiration.
Jordan Jordan, Building Materials Broker, Earth Advantage


Making something great out of something that used to wind up in a landfill – and with class and elan – is what Reclamation Administration [demonstrates] and is all about. My house was built in 1904 and it’s nice to know that when we’re all long gone the house will live on either whole or in a new house. 

Stuart Tomlinson, Special Projects Producer, KATU Portland.


The Reclamation Administration is invaluable at keeping hope alive and pointing us toward a sustainable future. Working for environmental justice and social equity, it is easy to become overwhelmed by daily news headlines stating how out-of-control climate change, pollution, inequity, and a host of other divisive issues affect our daily lives. We do our best to put our heads down and keep fighting for what’s right, but the truth of the matter is that the battle often seems too big, and our efforts seem too small to ever make a difference – which takes a toll on our psyche. Then comes along the Reclamation Administration, who promotes the work of other warriors and connects the community, reminding us that we’re not alone in this battle. That others across the nation – across the globe! – know that the issues can’t be tackled by individual endeavors, but combined have a profound effect on the overall effort. Best of all, IMHO, learning about other’s innovations sparks our creative energy and bolsters our thinking on what’s possible, enabling us to expand on what we can offer.

Scott Yelton
ReBuilding Center I DeConstruction Services


‘Great website! Immense source for all things recycable and reusable. Very inspiring. I love it.’

Diederick Kraaijeveld – Salvaged Wood Sculptor- Amsterdam 

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Reclamation Administration: News and Research on Building Material Waste Prevention