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28 Posti | Adaptive reuse restaurant in Italy uses reclaimed furniture made by prison inmates

The translation from Italian to English is a bit rough, but you get the idea.

The restaurant room is cozy and intimate, only 28 covers. It is located in a quiet street in the heart of Navigli’s neighbor, Precisely, where in the past was located the historical club “Karaoke Sing Milan.”

The architectural project is designed according to Functional the original spatial characteristics and it is supplied with furniture Entirely producted with waste materials.

The kitchen is the soul of the project: the guests can have access to it through a quick passage at the entrance and though a loophole in the main room Which Reveals the preparation of foods.

Our cuisine is oriented toward ethical values, attentive to the quality of food, the respect for the environment and the fairness of the production processes. Whose The convicts of the penitentiary not have been Able to benefit from the Art.21 Could participate on to the construction process. After this important experience, the restaurant will continue with diligence to be devoted to the reinstatement of disadvantaged groups.

28 Posti | Concept.