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Smartphone Speaker/Amplifier made from by GenuineWoodworking

Smartphone Speaker/Amplifier made from Reclaimed Skateboards

This acoustic speaker/amplifier is handmade entirely from my used and reclaimed skateboard decks. To use, simply play music through your smartphone, set the phone into the top of the speaker and your music is amplified to fill the entire room with sound.

No wires or batteries needed, so it is completely portable. Great for inside your house, an outdoor barbecue, or to take along on your next camping trip.

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The Sounder: A Reclaimed Wood Megaphone For Your iPad | Earthtechling


The Sounder is both a genius idea and a labor of love. Created by New York-based designer Howard Fink, the device at first appears to be nothing more than a simple block of wood. The secret to its amplification power comes from the special slot designed to hold your iPad at the perfect angle. When you hit play on your favorite album, sound from the iPad speaker is directed into the horn, an inverted semicircle hollowed out into the Sounder’s base.


And the best part? The Sounder is made from 100 percent reclaimed wood, all of which comes from salvaged 19th century buildings, including some from the iconic Coney Island boardwalk. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page to learn how you can get one.

The Coney Island Boardwalk

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