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Multi Award-winning Marketplace Start-up Enviromate Relaunches

As an alternative to the linear economy of “take, make and dispose”, the revamped Enviromate marketplace makes it easy to recirculate, redistribute and reuse materials that would otherwise end up in the skip. It’s open to anyone – from tradesmen to DIY enthusiasts – and allows users to buy or sell anything from a few tins of paint to pallets of bricks, timber and roof tiles.

Source: Multi Award-winning Marketplace Start-up Enviromate Relaunches

Creativity Through Reuse – Trashswag,com

Trashswag is now launching in Montreal (montreal.trashswag.com) and hopes to create a community where similar minded people can help one another to locate and share materials worth reusing. The site is also a platform where people can share ideas for projects, connect with one another and can post pictures of what they have made with pieces found on trashswag. It is Trashwag’s goal that within the next few years it will grow into a well established community that facilitates the exchange of creative ideas, materials and space.

via Creativity Through Reuse.