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Unbuilding boats: Work underway on vessel deconstruction facility in Ilwaco | News | chinookobserver.com

Construction starts on a nearly 6,000-square-foot vessel deconstruction facility

Construction has started on a nearly 6,000-square-foot vessel deconstruction facility in Ilwaco slated for completion this fall. The facility will be located at 165 Howerton Ave., the current location of a boat-storage yard.  Luke Whittaker

Derelict vessels often contain large quantities of oil, lead, asbestos or other toxic substances that could pose a threat to animals and the environment. If leaked or leached, these can injure or kill marine mammals, waterfowl and other aquatic life; and contaminate aquatic lands, nearby shorelines and water. “There’s a lot on a vessel to prevent life from attaching. They’ve found those contaminants in orcas and salmon, which could be attributed to derelict vessels. We wish we could remove them all,” Wood

Source: Unbuilding boats: Work underway on vessel deconstruction facility in Ilwaco | News | chinookobserver.com

Boating Business – Recycling Conference speakers confirmed


Taking place at RAI Amsterdam on Monday 16 November, speakers and panellists at the conference will present their experiences and lead debates on the subject of End-of-Life Boats (ELBs) and how their growing numbers can be practically dealt with in the coming years.

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Where do GRP boats go at the end of their service life? – Reinforced Plastics

I post on ship breaking and boat disposal because I am concerned about how much maritime waste is being produced and ignored.  Fiberglass boats are everywhere. And they don’t breakdown.

Because composite vessels are highly durable, end-of-life (EOL) disposal has not so far been a major issue. Many of the numerous glassfibre boats produced in the early years still exist. But the time will come – is coming – when these craft reach the end of their lives and will have to be disposed of.

The present trickle of EOL disposals is likely to become a ‘tsunami’ as successive generations of craft reach the end. Unlike metal and wooden boats, which are made of recyclable or naturally degrading materials, fibreglass craft leave an enduring trace on the environment …

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The Floating Cinema: Barge Repurposed into Theater

The pilot Floating Cinema 2011 project navigated the waterways of the Olympic host boroughs during summer 2011. Designed by Hackney based architects Studio Weave and programmed by Somewhere, the customised narrow boat hosted a varied and vibrant programme of free on board screenings, quirky canal tours, talks and workshops including tours into the Olympic Park prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games hosted by writer Iain Sinclair, comedian Holly Burn and comedy writer Susie Donkin. The Floating Cinema also presented larger scale outdoor screenings to bankside audiences including a fancy dress screening of Fantastic Mr Fox outside the Three Mills studios where the animation was created.

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David Kemp – Wooden Whaler

David Kemp created a whale from two derelict cove-boats and thus stole my heart. Below are excerpts from his website. Pay a visit and be amazed!

The artist David Kemp lives and works on the far western coast of Cornwall, among the old mine workings near Botallack. He finds material for his work in rich seams of junk, appearing here and there at boot fairs, but adding up, in the imagination, to something like that mysterious productive heap of dust in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend. In fact there is an almost Dickensian breadth of vision, richness of character and sharpness of observation in Kemp’s work.

David Kemp’s work is serious fun: serious, because his intention is to tackle our folly and or materialist excesses and fun because he is a master of life-enhancing humour.

Driven by his own apocalyptic and subversive vision, he makes sculpture from the disregarded bits and pieces left by successive consumer boom. These remains point out the awful truth – that we value trash and are seduced again and again by the trumped-up new. Technology that is phoney, or only half understood, is grasped at for answers to our needs. In pursuit of the largest thing, it becomes impossible to tell real technological advances from the dead-ends.

This point is made for this exhibition particularly by reference to electricity. The rush to harness the power of frog’s legs, to make hair stand on end or capture lightning were all so far beside the point – of course we know now, but in Kemp’s alternative world they have a different and more telling relevance. By making what might have been, or should have been, invented he mirrors universal human weaknes.

David Kemp

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Recycling Event Planned For Old Boating, Fishing Equipment | WSAV TV

Boaters will be able to dispose of unwanted, damaged, and unusable equipment for free at a special three-day event, November 2-4, 2012.

The Clean Marine event is intended to help prevent boating and fishing equipment from becoming derelict or discarded into our coastal waterways and marshes.  Abandoned boats, old fishing gear, discarded equipment and building materials become marine debris that threatens the health and safety of our coastal environment. Let’s work together to dispose of unused equipment properly before it damages the marsh, shellfish beds, and endangers people and marine life.

Staff volunteers will be on hand to coordinate collection Nov. 2nd 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Nov. 3rd & Nov. 4th 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the following locations:

-Grays Hill Landing

-Bluffton Oyster Factory Park

-Broad River Bridge Landing/Fishing Pier

-C.C. Haig Jr. Landing

-Port Royal Landing Marina

-Benny Hudson Seafood Dock

-Port Royal Commercial Dock

-Broad Creek Marina

-Edgar Glenn Landing (Old Lemon Island Marina)

-Palmetto Bay Marina

-Buddy & Zoo/Station Creek Landing

Acceptable items for disposal include motors, anchors, dock lines, crab traps, nets, coolers, scrap material and accessories. No oils, fuel, solvents, paint or cleaners will be accepted at this event. Large items, including watercraft and trailers, and restricted fluids must be coordinated through Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling, call (843)255-2734.

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