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 Instructables: Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Boombox – By Robb

Robb was once an Artist-in-Residence at Autodesk’s Pier 9. He went to Carnegie Mellon to study Art. He mostly does tangible artifacts that are often complex.

I am currently an Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Dump, run by Recology.There, I have witnessed unending tons of unwanted debris flow from the consumer into recycling centers and landfills. I noticed that nearly all of the E-waste was almost entirely functional, so I decided to make myself a speaker set made entirely from waste.

Source: Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Boombox

Pack Your Music and Upcycle That Old Suitcase – Tutorial – Maxim

Patrick Gallagher set out to make a killer vintage looking boombox – we think he succeeded.  Check out his step by step How-To.

Do it, and you can look as cool as him.

Patrick Gallagher

Portable, loud, and fashionable. Take a vintage suitcase and install a set of speakers, passive crossovers, an amplifier, and a couple of rechargeable batteries. Now you have a portable, albeit heavy, stereo that will make your ears bleed.

Figure 6. The completed stereo suitcase.

via Pack Your Music and Upcycle That Old Suitcase – Tutorial – Maxim.