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Branden Adams’ work at New West Coast Design 2 – SFGate

The PALLETform coffeetable. Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

“In this neighborhood, this is where people dump their construction stuff,” says Adams. “It used to be where cars got burned. But here was all this good wood to use.”

That concept formed the basis of PALLETform, a new collection for his BA Design studio that he runs with his wife, landscape designer Jennifer Ivanovich.

Using the wooden pallets as raw materials, Adams pulls apart the discards, cleans up the pieces and preps them for use in his PALLETform coffee table (from $2,800), where he glues and compresses the milled slivers of wood together to form the tabletop to a fabricated steel base. The nails get put to use as ingredients for a stain. The pieces that aren’t used in the table are bound in steel rings for the PALLETdrum ($1,225). Even the sawdust is collected to use in the couple’s urban farm-like garden, complete with chickens and bees.

Branden Adams, in his studio at right, collects discarded wood pallets for use in his designs. Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

via Branden Adams’ work at New West Coast Design 2 – SFGate.