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Interest in Campbell timber is worldwide The Westerly Sun

Henry Castaldi, owner of Westwood Construction and Salvage LLC of Plainfield, uses a hydraulic excavator with a grapple attachment to remove timber deemed unsalvagable from the 99-year-old Campbell Grain Building in Pawcatuck. | Harold Hanka,The Westerly Sun

“This lumber is very unique and we’re working to recover whatever we can,” Castaldi said. “We’ll probably never seem timbers like this in our lifetime. We have loads that are scheduled to go out to our brokers, who then sell it. Some locals have stopped by and made purchases as well.”  Castaldi said a local cemetery plans to buy some chestnut to replace portions of its hearse barn. Although some of it will be sold locally, some of the lumber will most likely be sold overseas to contractors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, he said. “Reclaiming wood like this has a big ‘green’ effect because it’s being recycled,” he said. “There are beams here that are 24-feet long and could be more than 400 years old.”

Source: Interest in Campbell timber is worldwide The Westerly Sun