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Cafe Cartolina: End grain block floor at the studio!


As part of our ongoing project to update the Cartolina studio we decided that we needed a workshop.

Doug built an addition onto the studio and decided to finish the floor using ‘end grain block flooring’. It’s actually a really old style of flooring that was commonly used on factory floors in the 19th century.

We had some leftover beam ends in the shed from a previous project – kiln dried fir- and he set to work, slicing them up into 3″ x 7″ blocks, about 3/4 inches thick. It took him quite a long time to slice up all the blocks and sand the edges.

Once he had prepared 850 blocks he glued them to the plywood floor using a non water based, flexible flooring adhesive.

via Cafe Cartolina: End grain block floor at the studio!.