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Twisted Juniper Cat Tree – Part 2 – Platforms « Lax Cat Creations

Below are some pictures of an amazing cat tree project by my friends over at Lax Cat Creations.

You really need to see how this entire project was executed. Clearly this was a labor of love! See Part 1.

Patience. This tree took a lot of patience. In particular, fitting the randomly shaped platforms between and around tree branches.  This portion of the project was the slowest, yet in my opinion, makes the tree really pop.

Using the shape of the tree, we determined where the platforms would be, what size and shape they were to become, and how we envisioned the cats getting to each one. Saki is a spry and wiry guy, but Pixie…not so much. She could be called small, but portly. To date, most of the smaller in-between levels are unused by Saki, but Pixie will carefully pick her way to the top most every time she uses the tree.

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Lax Cat Creations – Cat Tree

Below is a project by Lax Cat Creations, a wife and husband team of amazing talent creativity.  They also love their cats!

So my wife has been wanting an indoor habitat for our two cats ever since we got Mr. Saki.  Every time she would bring it up or show me the hideous carpet explosions online, I’d cringe.  We put out heads together and thought, “what if the cat tree was made from a real…tree?”

And that was it. Every hike from there on out we were eyeing trees and debating on what would look the most artistic. Aspens were on the list, but they are hard to find in ample supply. Junipers, on the other hand, grow like weeds in the high desert.

This project took over a year to complete with large gaps in production. After all is said and done, the cats love it, and we love it.

Using a wire brush and chisel, we stripped the outer layer of flaking bark to expose a nice red layer of bark.  on the more dead portions,  there was build up of dead bark and dirt.

Working in custom home building affords one with beam cut-offs (or “drops”) of sizable proportions.  One such drop was selected for the base of our tree.  This was a 5-1/8″ x 18″ glulam beam that I cut into an 18″ x 18′ square.

After staining the base, I used a piece of steel plate (about 3/16″ thick) to run two 1/2″ x 8″ lag bolts and a long piece of all-thread through.  To counter sink the plate and soon to be inserted lags, I made a number of cuts with a Skil Saw and then knocked and chiseled  out the wood.  A router would work good for something like this, but I’m a framer.

Arian found a number of stains at the local Re-Store and mixed up a color she liked for the dead sections of wood. Using a dark stain and multiple coats of polyurethane, the color of the bark really stood out against the dark stained grain.  The three coats of polyurethane also served to protect the bark from further peeling and sap dripping on floors.

To be continued…

Part 2

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Cat Box [boxes] « MODified Originals

Are you a cat owner that lives in an apartment with no where to hide the litter box? Well we have been there and done that, which is why we decided to build these functional cat-box-boxes think ‘Inception’. It’s a credenza on the outside, and a functional litter box holder on the inside! It even has plenty of room for your litter and litter accessories.

Each are unique with individual graphics or a ebonized finish. The doors feature reclaimed wood strips and integrated pulls. A hand-rubbed polyurethane finish will keep  them beautiful for years to come.

If you don’t own a feline friend, you can still find a use for these unique credenzas. Records? TV stand? Books? Collection of G.I. Joe’s? Your creativity is the limit.

$425 available through Modern Cooperative 32″ long x 22″ deep x 24″ high

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