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Discoverers of underwater forest hope to protect site from salvagers – NBC News.com


If salvage companies get their way, an underwater forest of 50,000-year-old trees only recently discovered could be destroyed to make high-end coffee tables.

The primeval underwater forest, long buried under the sediments at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, was probably uncovered by Hurricane Katrina and discovered by scuba divers. After it made headlines around the world, several salvage companies have contacted one of those divers to get the forest’s location, which has not been publicly shared.

The companies’ aim? Pull up the trees for the valuable wood.

“You have to think of the cachet of something made from a 50,000-year-old wood,” said Ben Raines, the diver who first reported on the site and the executive director of the Weeks Bay Foundation, a waterways conservation organization. “It’s like having a fossil on your shelf.”

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Old Fiddler’s Green being methodically demolished | StAugustine.com

Workers remove cypress boards from the former Fiddler's Green restaurant in Vilano Beach on Wednesday morning, June 19, 2013, before demolishing the building later this week. By DARON DEAN, daron.dean@staugustine.com

A methodical, three-day demolition of the old Fiddler’s Green restaurant building in Vilano Beach began Wednesday morning.

The construction company contracted by St. Johns County, Construction Debris Removal, had workers taking out salvageable materials. The most common material saved was the pecky cypress wood.

St. Johns County Director of Construction Mike Rubin said the panels of the cypress wood are valued because of their natural resistance to termites.

It will be stored and possibly reused for a future building project at the site on 2750 Anahma Drive or somewhere else.

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