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DIY: Teach an old door new tricks | Vancouver 24 hrs

Here is the door from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore! You can see where I'm going to saw in order to make the shelf. (JULIA DILWORTH/ 24 HOURS)

Every DIYer has their comfort zone, and sawing wood is about as far out of mine as possible. Still, I wanted to push myself to try something new with this door challenge, and despite countless miscalculations/errors/accidents, I managed to execute my hanging shelf concept: something to help organize towels and toiletries in the bathroom, or scarves and belts in the bedroom.

via DIY: Teach an old door new tricks | Vancouver 24 hrs.

diy project: recycled leather & wood shelf | DesignSponge

What I love most about this project is that it is extremely unfussy: a mix of belts looks great; the more worn the wood, the better; and the whole structure is very easy to size up or down, customize painted shelves, new or colored leather, etc. and adjust as needed. The only difficulty is that it starts to get a bit heavy if you use thick wood as I did, so I recommend getting a helping hand for the installation, especially if you size the project up to a larger shelving unit. Happy crafting! — Kate

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