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Introduction: Joe Connell, Incoming Executive Director- BMRA News, November 2017

BMRA Interim Executive Director, Joe Connell

I am excited about leading the BMRA into its next stage because I believe that it is only together as an industry that we can address the issues facing us. Across the country there are countless building material reuse companies and organizations operating to save our resources. Yet way too often we operate alone, or in organizational silos. My vision is that we can all embrace the same goals, and support each other to the same ends.

Source: BMRA News, November 2017

CARTM’s New Director… – CARTM


“Our new contractor services program is designed to give local builders better access to CARTM, making it easy and affordable to dispose of construction and demolition (C&D) debris, and to divert valuable materials from that debris for reuse and recycling.”

“We realized in the aftermath of the China’s “green fence” last year, when the markets for recycled materials disappeared almost overnight—and are still recovering—that staying proactive and nimble to opportunity is the name of the game,” said Karen.  “CARTM has a strong, dynamic board who is committed to the challenge of Leading Our Community To Zero Waste—they mean it, and I am ready to evangelize for it!”

The Refindery at CARTM is a treasure trove of re-use bargains and an inspiring environment to shop in.via CARTM’s New Director… – CARTM.

Rebuilding Exchange • Rebuilding Exchange is hiring an Executive Director!


Elise Zelechowski, our current Executive Director will be stepping down later this month. We are looking to fill this position immediately.

The Rebuilding Exchange’s mission is to create a market for reclaimed building materials. We do this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible to the public for reuse, promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, providing education and job training programs, and creating innovative models for sustainable reuse. www.rebuildingexchange.org Rebuilding Exchange is a non-profit social enterprise and a supporting organization of the Delta institute. Founded in 2008 to address a growing need for a market-based solution to address the high quantities of demolition waste entering our landfills, Rebuilding Exchange now has an annual budget of approximately $1.2 million, 90% of which is earned income.

Position Summary

Reporting to the Rebuilding Exchange Board of Directors, the executive director is responsible for the overall financial and operational performance of the Rebuilding Exchange and leads the Rebuilding Exchange in the fulfillment of its mission and revenue goals, with an eye towards constantly evolving the vision. The executive director provides leadership and management of the operations and strategic growth of the Rebuilding Exchange. This includes management and development of a highly competent team of managers, financial management, strategic partnership development, fundraising, public relations, brand management, and reporting.

For a full position description, please visit http://www.idealist.org/view/job/xNsFBPTdx32D/

The full announcement about the transition can be found here.

via Rebuilding Exchange • Rebuilding Exchange is hiring an Executive Director!.