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Former Broadway Market: ‘Deconstruction,’ ‘demolition’ differ

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An excavator hauls a shovel full of debris toward a waiting dump truck Wednesday during the demolition of the old Broadway Market and home of Ann and Alfredo Cipolato, who ran the store before it closed in 2004.

Deconstruction was the old-time approach before the days of mass consumption and mass disposal and it still makes sense. Deconstruction not only creates jobs, reduces waste and conserves resources, it also keeps our unique local history in the community. If you visit the Home ReSource building materials reuse center on Russell and Wyoming you’ll see lots of Missoula’s history, priced affordably and ready to be reused – much of it thanks to deconstruction.

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SponCon: One man’s trash, another man’s treasure – Montana Kaimin: Arts + Culture


SponCon participants have seven hours to create whatever they want. The only catch: It has to be built of reused materials available at the store, and made within the seven-hour time frame.

“It’s one of the most unique, and uniquely Missoula, events we have,” Schmetterling said. “It’s such a wonderful opportunity as a participant or a spectator to see all of the creative genius people we have in Missoula.”

Lucas Dupuis sands what will eventually become a table at Spontaneous Construction at Home ReSource on Sept. 21, 2010. The event began 10 years ago and is meant to promote and encourage reuse.

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Home ReSource saves money and the environment

Home ReSource is an example of how we can work to protect our environment and still have economic vitality in Missoula. It’s a $1 million-a-year nonprofit business, employing 30 people. That’s based on garbage – or, rather, donated inventory. And because Home ReSource is locally based, all that money stays in Missoula and is reinvested in the community. It’s encouraging that others are seeing the value of building materials reuse, and other reuse centers are moving to Missoula and western Montana.

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Missoula’s Home ReSource getting new leadership

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The transition should go smoothly. Since starting in a garage 10 years ago, Home ReSource now employs 20 workers and provides a vital resource to the local housing industry.

“It’s a one-stop shop for reclaimed items,” real estate broker Pat McCormick said. “In that aspect, there’s nowhere else to go. I have to restrain myself quite a bit actually from buying bureaus and claw-foot tubs.”

After Deuel settles in, all eyes will turn toward September when Home ReSource hosts its signature event, Spontaneous Construction. Builders have full run of the store, piecing together whatever Frankenstein-like creations they can in six hours.

“Missoula has a festival every weekend all summer long,” Schmetterling said. “But there’s nothing like Spontaneous Construction.”

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