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Wood “wall to wall” | Marie-France Light | Renovation

Nice one!

The long wooden corridor leads to a ...  (Photo: Samuel Archambault)

A short wall, it can also be beautiful. This is the challenge of Samuel Archambault, young designer spaces at Archambault Novak Design. In Lachine cottage, he exposed ceiling and wall in the hallway of apartment on the ground floor, leaving only the old slats for urban and trendy look.

“We stripped the walls by removing the plaster. It was found that the slats were in very good condition. Ive only cleaned with a garden glove, rubbed a little, and thats all. They have retained the look of stained plaster, “says Archambault.

It is opening the living room wall to enlarge the space he noticed the quality of the wood. This wall is carrying, he kept a little more than a third. The new pine beam that supports the structure is 18 feet long … “It is 12 by 12 by 18, its massive!” He said.

via Wood “wall to wall” | Marie-France Light | Renovation.

Drop Box Brigade SE Salmon, Portland, OR

Spotted on SE Salmon and 32nd in Portland, Oregon a mixed use debris box.

Now, how hard would it have been to separate that lath?

I especially want to thank the construction worker who sent this to the RA!

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that people who work in the construction industry are very responsive to C&D waste.  They see it every day, and are more apt to get angry when their colleagues disregard the laws.  My work with demolition companies enlightened me to how much those guys try to save personally.  I know a man who’s wife was ready to divorce him if he brought home anything else salvaged from a site.  He did confess that he had an entire turn of the century bank vault installed in his basement.  He said he just couldn’t see it thrown away.

Thanks Major Tom of the Drop Box Brigade!