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Deconstruction vs. Demolition: An evaluation of carbon and energy impacts from deconstructed homes in the City of Portland Submitted to: City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) By: Andey Nunes, Jordan Palmeri and Simon Love

In October 2016, in an effort to reduce waste, support material reuse, and reduce environmental impacts of demolition, the City of Portland, Oregon, enacted an ordinance requiring manualĀ  deconstruction of residential homes built in 1916 or earlier. This study analyzes the material quantity data from the first 36 deconstruction projects in Portland to measure carbon and energy impacts. The carbon and energy impacts were also calculated for a hypothetical scenario in which the same houses were mechanically demolished.

The goal of this project is to calculate the carbon and energy impacts of deconstruction and demolition of
single-family houses in Portland, Oregon. The results will allow the City of PortlandĀ to measure the effectiveness of their deconstruction policy in achieving climate and energy goals.