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Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter Made from Pallets – Instructables

I live in the UK, and own a small business designing and building: Cargo Carrying Bicycles, Bike Trailers, Pedal Powered Utility Trucks & Vans, Pedal Racing Cars and Human Powered Vehicles, lightweight Pony Carrigages and Carts, Pallet Reclamation bars, cooking fire tripods and fire hearths, along with bespoke steel fabrications and replica historical bits & bobs from steel.

Bonus video – pallet deconstructor bar!

via http://www.instructables.com/id/Slot-Together-Pyramid-Garden-Planter/#step1

20 Inventive Ways to Upcycle Shipping Pallets by Ian Rebello | Bob Vila Nation

Shipping pallets have become a bit more popular with the quest for sustainable elements and materials in one’s home. With the popularity of green design and with so many creative prototypes floating around out there, there are some great DIY opportunities for things that can be found locally, often for free– like pallets.

We’ve rounded up 20 great inventive uses of the bland old wooden pallet and put them together for your inspiration.

These projects range anywhere from merely stacking the unused pallets to making a base for a bed, sofa, or coffee table to the pallet-built barn or home. No matter the size of your own project, these gorgeous pallet installations are sure to help you drum up a little creativity of your own.

See the entire list via 20 Inventive Ways to Upcycle Shipping Pallets by Ian Rebello | Bob Vila Nation.

Five Fabulous Outdoor Pallet Projects | Apartment Therapy


Building with pallets is a trend that has taken off, and for good reason. Keeping pallets out of a landfill while turning them into something useful is a great thing, as is free building materials. We have featured a few outdoor pallet projects in the past, such as a vertical pallet garden, a potting bench and a lounge chair. To celebrate the launch of our Outdoor channel, here are five more outdoor pallet projects worth considering.

Before you get started, read the excellent Instructables article ‘How to Determine if a Wood Pallet is Safe for Use,’ which will answer all of your questions about chemical treatments and toxicity. Then take your new-found knowledge and get building.

via Five Fabulous Outdoor Pallet Projects | Apartment Therapy.