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Debate looms over Young County Commissioners – Graham Leader

Salvage and deconstructionists take note. The battle for un-building buildings is going to be won in convincing our municipalities to follow their own laws. It looks like it has already started in Texas.

In Bullock’s view, the court is not substantially complying with 263.152 of the Local Government Code, as that law pertains to the disposition of county salvage or surplus property. Included in his assessment, it could be possible that with another company besides Parker County based Matrix Demolition, the county may not have to pay as much money, or may even have a company pay the county in return for harvesting all of the salvage materials in the building.

“My intent is to make sure that we follow the code when it comes to the disposal of those kinds of properties,” Bullock said.

via Debate looms over Young County Commissioners – Graham Leader.