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Tax Court Demolishes Deconstruction Deduction

Perforator work

Worker removes plaster from a brick wall with a perforatorGETTY

If the salvageable material from deconstructing your house is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should not need to pay somebody to take the house apart so that you can give the pieces to charity. There should be people waving money in front of your face to come in and take it apart.

Source: Tax Court Demolishes Deconstruction Deduction

Deconstruct vs. Demolish in Arlington

Photo detail

Photo by Ramona Campos December 16, 2016

The Allards got the name of Second Chance through an architect they had met. Once they realized the win-win situation that using Second Chance presented to them: making a tax deductible donation to deconstruct, paying less than demolishing would cost, doing something positive for young men who wanted to turn their lives around, and avoiding putting tons of materiel into a landfill: they were ready to sign on the dotted line. On top of that, the owner gets 15 points towards green home certification.

Source: Deconstruct vs. Demolish in Arlington

Brecce Collection – Fuorisalone Milano

In order to realize Brecce’s project I wanted to take inspiration from the research of natural objects that, in some ways, have reached their final step in the life cycle. They are for example sawmill’s outlets, pieces of urban architecture, logs carried by the river, firewood…

I have tried to give these pieces a second chance, tempting to make the light come out from the material and to amplify the sensorial experience.

via Brecce Collection – Fuorisalone Milano.

Baltimore Fishbowl Southwest Baltimore Mural Evinces Second Chance – Baltimore Fishbowl

photo via Second Chance

“Something that has come up over and over in our conversations with community members is how much they value the history of Baltimore and their commitment to the future of Baltimore,” Powers said in a description of the work.

Second Chance, located at 1700 Ridgely Street, was an apt choice. The organization deconstructs older buildings to make the materials available for reuse, and its workforce is made up of people who face barriers to employment.

via Baltimore Fishbowl Southwest Baltimore Mural Evinces Second Chance – Baltimore Fishbowl.