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Divine vision inspired a 97-foot treehouse – USATODAY.com

I have a soft spot for the divinely inspired builders- they make me feel normal.

“I built it for everybody. It’s God’s treehouse. He keeps watch over it,” said Burgess, who received his inspiration in a vision that came to him in 1993. “I was praying one day, and the Lord said, ‘If you build me a treehouse, I’ll see you never run out of material.”‘

And thus far, as Burgess sees it, the Lord has provided. Most of his materials are recycled pieces of lumber from garages, storage sheds and barns. Now into his 14th year of construction, he is not finished.

The treehouse has 10 floors, averaging nine to 11 feet in height by Burgess’s reckoning. He has never measured its size but estimates it to be about 8,000 to 10,000 square feet. He did count the nails that he has hammered into the wood — 258,000, give or take a few hundred. And he guesses he has sunk about $12,000 into the project.

“God used my hands to put every piece in place, but I had a lot of help,” said the 56-year-old landscape architect. He’s a country boy but lives in town and compares himself to Job of the Old Testament. His pale blue Paul Newman-like eyes beam and he wears an easy smile on his tanned face.

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How To Make a Simple Tree House Apartment Therapy Tutorials | Apartment Therapy

Too cute on Apartment Therapy today. Perfect day to build a tree house for someone you love.

How To Make a Gypsy Tree House

This tree house was built out of scrap wood and branches I had in our yard, and is a strong enough design not to require any more reinforcement than what you see here. It’s also located at the start of our zip-line, which we put up last summer, and makes it a good place to climb up to and launch off from when needing to head out quickly across the yard.

How To Make a Gypsy Tree House

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Industrial Sprinkler Tank House Transformed into a Tranquil Rooftop Oasis in NYC | Inhabitat New York City

Brian Messana’s sustainable renovation of a rooftop loft called the Tank House has the same spirit as New York City’s Water Tank Project that revives disused spaces to make them more appealing. Keeping the original loft more or less intact, Messana completely overhauled an existing sprinkler tank house to create something that resembles the tranquility of a treehouse among New York City’s soaring towers and skyscrapers.

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Lynne’s Recycled Treehouse My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy


Name: Lynne

Location: Rural countryside outside of Durham, Ontario, Canada

We are a family of 6, living in the countryside 2 hours northwest of Toronto. I am an interior designer and I love to travel. Most of my designs are inspired by travel and by the use of organic, natural elements. Two years ago, a friend of ours lost their barn to a tornado. The barn was beyond repair. Rather than see it burned, we bought the barn boards, beams and tin roof — and hired the local Amish to help us to transfer the barn to our property.


We started with a small treehouse base, with an idea to have a small wrap around porch. It was so FUN to build, we decided to add a second floor, and only have a small front porch to allow a bit of extra space for a wee kitchenette and wood stove. The project grew as our excitement grew. We, as adults, were having more fun than the kids with the treehouse!

Most of the treehouse is built from the reclaimed barn, and the reminder of the items were provided by our friends. The kitchenette counter is from an old tree, the wood stove was from our old stone house, the porcelain sink was from our neighbor’s yard…..even a huge slide…it was from an old dismantled playground. The slide is a favourite of my 83 year old grandma. She loves it !

We sleep in the treehouse as often as possible ( with the exception of the cold winter nights). We hear the sounds of the trees, the trickle sounds of the rain and fall asleep under the stars.

Best sleep ever !!!

Creating the treehouse was a labour of love. Our friends and family adore it. I often blog about the treehouse and other outdoor projects (we built our pool in an old stone barn foundation).


Thanks, Lynne! Readers, check out Lynne’s blog here.

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