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Firm dismantles buildings, recycles materials | Post-Crescent Media | postcrescent.com

Hutson, Creamer, Brueggeman

Used Anew owner Larry Hutson (on ladder), Justin Creamer and Brian Brueggeman work to deconstruct a barn near Mindoro on Monday. The barn’s materials will be salvaged and sold to builders, furniture makers or crafters instead of going to a landfill. / Erik Daily/Associated Press

The DVR this year secured more than 3,000 successful employment opportunities, and the agency hired 20 business consultants throughout Wisconsin to connect employers with what Studden called an “untapped” candidate base.

“It’s all about making the right connection,” she said. “It’s about finding one of our consumers (or two consumers, in this case) who can meet the needs of the employer.”

It’s a resource Hutson said he would recommend to other business owners without hesitation.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity,” Hutson said. “It gives these folks a chance to feel useful and valuable, and from an employers’ standpoint, these guys are a perfect fit — they work really hard, they have good attitudes and a good sense of humor.”

Since its launch in May, Used Anew has taken down several farm outbuildings, an outdoor summer kitchen, a two-story farmhouse and is in the process of deconstructing a barn.

via Firm dismantles buildings, recycles materials | Post-Crescent Media | postcrescent.com.