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Rehab Diaries: A Garage Turned Studio Workshop in Portland, OR : Remodelista

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“Our garage, like our house, was built in 1924 in the Northeast Portland Alberta Arts District neighborhood. It is a 16 feet by 20 feet (320 square foot) detached building, and is a ‘car and a half’ garage so there’s room for one car on one side and then another half for other stuff. The garage was unfinished on the interior when we bought the house, so we decided to break the one large space into three distinct areas: A ceramics studio, a bike room, and a wood shop.

“We did all the work ourselves, with the exception of electrical. The first big step was fixing the building structurally by replacing the rotted sill plate (the horizontal 2-by-4 at the bottom of the wall and on top of the concrete slab that all the studs sit on) with pressure-treated wood. We also had to sister some of the wall studs, add ceiling joists to hold the interior sheathing, and create the opening for the large sliding door on the exterior in to the ceramics studio. We also insulated the exterior walls and the interior walls so that each space could be heated individually in the winter.”

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