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Baltimore rowhouse wood gets new life as furniture – Baltimore Sun

Peter Martin, carpenter, Sandtown Millworks, sands a large piece of wood salvaged in Baltimore. The reclaimed wood is used to make furniture. Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun

When Bolster started renovating rowhouses 20 years ago, he noticed that very few people in the industry saved the wood they pulled out of the homes. “It all ended up in landfills,” he said. “I started saving some of the wood because the character of it was so much more fantastic than new wood.” Some of the first creations to come from Bolster’s shop were made of wood salvaged from houses in Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood — hence the name. “Many of our designs are driven by the wood dimensions we pulled from those rowhouses,” he said. During the past couple of years, Bolster said, his furniture business has snowballed, rivaling his renovation company.

Source: Baltimore rowhouse wood gets new life as furniture – Baltimore Sun

Power plant to create electricity from waste wood (with no burning involved) | MNN – Mother Nature Network

birmingham biopower image

According to investors, the plant will prevent 2.1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from being released and, over its 20-year lifetime, will save around 1.3 million tonnes of wood from landfill. There is, however, only so much waste wood available — and plenty of other potential uses for much of it, including reclaiming it for future construction. In the long run, the question of sustainable sources of feedstocks will be a central concern for any large-scale expansion of wood gasification.

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A Piece Of Cleveland

Do yourself a favor and head on over to A Piece of Cleveland for this morning’s design caffeine.  Their eye-popping website is only matched by the beautiful projects it displays.

There is no doubt that the materials reused here are well respected. Every piece comes with a Rebirth Certificate which outlines the origin of the materials.

These folks are Superheros.

We want the things we make to live up to the standards of their materials. We make conference tables, wall panels, desks, bookshelves, chairs and bars, but most of all we make the future out of the past. That’s why every piece comes with a rebirth certificate. You can see our work in the gallery on this site, rebirth certificates and all.

via APOC @ A Piece Of Cleveland.

Custom Creations from Reclaimed and Refined by Bornagainwoodworks


Custom Creations from Reclaimed and Refined Products.

Welcome to Born Again Wood Works!

We take what was “dead” for one person, recreate it into a new showpiece for someone else, and give it a new purpose in life. Our products include reclaimed, up cycled, re-purposed wood, rustic hardware, and custom lighting.

Cage Light Chandelier - Cage Lighting - Industrial Lighting - Edison Bulb - Upcycled Wood

Marquee Arrow Light - Upcycled wood - unique gift idea for men, women, kids rooms, offices, businesses

Mason Jar Chandelier - Antique Blue Mason Jars - Mason Jar Lighting - Refined Alder Wood

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Repurposing, Selling a Piece of Lakewood’s History – Lakewood, OH Patch

Looking to hold a memory from the demolished St. Paul Lutheran Church?

For $22, you could also open a beer with it.

Last year, Reclaimed Cleveland — a company specializing in repurposing wood from historic structures — salvaged materials from the demolition sites of the St. Paul Lutheran Church as well as the building that housed the Westwood Dry Cleaners.

The property is now the site of the new CVS Pharmacy.

Some of the salvaged wood can be found in items for sale at Green Smart Gifts on Detroit Avenue.

They include bottle openers made from the wood of the church’s floor joists and mirrors made from the wood in the Westwood Dry Cleaners.

Each item is stamped with a marker of where the lumber came from.

Aaron Gogolin, who attended the school at the church nearly 30 years ago, has made a successful career out of repurposing wood from demolished structures.

“I grew up on Westwood, so it was sad knowing the church and the school were not going to be there,” he said. “I am happy to see that the congregation was able to sell the property. But it’s sad to see part of my childhood gone.”

Donna Witmer, the co-owner of Green Smart Gifts, said that in order for items to be sold at her store, they need to be locally made, organic, non-toxic, fairly traded, recycled or a tool of change.

“Aaron’s stuff fits every category,” she said. “This is good for the giver, good for the receiver and good for everyone.”

Gogolin, who started out his career building new homes, said there’s too much waste in new development.

His company typically builds chairs and tables out of repurposed lumber, but he says this project was special.

“We’re trying to save some of this lumber that otherwise would just thrown into a landfill,” he said.

via Repurposing, Selling a Piece of Lakewood’s History – Lakewood, OH Patch.